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"Drowning Ophelia" Released!

Drowning Ophelia was released today on!

Drowning Ophelia, an artisan chapbook published by Red Bird Chapbooks, repurposes the time-worn traditional, using it to steer us to new questions, new reflections.  A collection at once ethereal, loose, and concentrated, this work spans genres while circling something feminine, something of womanhood.  An interesting read for anyone looking to be challenged and engaged.The limited first edition is hand-numbered and suitable for collecting. It’s 48 pages are attractively printed on Haviland blue linen paper with hand-sewn binding.

The spoken word book trailer can be seen at
Drowning Ophelia is available in bookstores or direct from the publisher at
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"Drowning Ophelia" Release Date May 13th

"Downing Ophelia" will be available from Saturday, May 13!!! These numbered limited 1st Ed. are printed on acid-free blue linen with hand-sewn bindings. Autographed copies will be done in J. Herbin Terre de Feu Ph-Neutral ink. (*Not all copies will be autographed.)

Photo: Sarah Hayes, Red Bird Chapbooks.